francis laleman

francis laleman (linkedin) started in academia, reading sanskrit, pali, prakrit and modern indian vernaculars. in the 90s he switched to social work, exploring new ways to establish learning as a self-generating process of emancipation and empowerment in indian communities of the downtrodden. since, extending his expertise with learning matters into the realms of (global) business, he has established a unique reputation in (intercultural) learning management, instructional design, development of learning aids, and train-the-trainer. being a lifelong student of indian matters, he has written and translated a number of books (a/o on buddhism and on islam), and has co-authored academic papers. also, francis is a keen pteridologist, a fern collector and a fern garden host. when he is not writing or gardening, francis moves between antwerpen and delhi – with frequent excursions into asia (china and japan) and mid-way stays in the arabian gulf and the middle east.