dunya, across cultures

dunya. the world. successful intercultural management and intercultural communication depend on the competence of intercultural agility in the organisation's community.

upcoming events

Posted on Wednesday August 10, 2016

2016 09 09 - first pecha kucha friday afternoon at bayt al-andalus, antwerpen | 13:30-17:00 | a really cool way to meet up with interesting people and get in touch with brilliant new (business) ideas…

our clients

Posted on Wednesday August 10, 2016

जीवन दीप अनौपचारिक शिक्षा - Jeevan Deep (Bodhgaya, India) राजस्थान पत्रिका - Rajasthan Patrika (Jaipur, India) ABRA…


Posted on Tuesday August 09, 2016

learning and development instructional design technical writing train-the-trainer project management people & organisation

people and organisation

Posted on Monday June 20, 2016

the world has changed. today's and tomorrow's workscape is one of holacracy and selfmanaging teams, working with flexibility and agility, in a variety of workplaces and using a myriad of new…

workplace diversity

Posted on Monday June 20, 2016

diversity in teams and diversity at the workplace are not something to 'come to terms with'. diversity, in all its guises, is an added value. diversity should be nurtured.

the cordoba meeting room

Posted on Thursday June 09, 2016

a newly renovated, beautifully decorated top class meeting/training room and co-working space, equipped with full speed wifi and the latest barco presentation technologies, with a maximum capacity of…

bed and breakfast

Posted on Tuesday June 07, 2016

for your stay-over in antwerpen, choose our exquisite "marrakech" orientalist guestroom, and share our family atmosphere at bayt al-andalus (accredited by Vlaanderen Internationaal).

bayt al-andalus house

Posted on Tuesday June 07, 2016

commissioned by joseph buerbaum, 1909. moorish lounges and an alhambra modelled garden by huygh and dieltiens (1920). lovingly renovated by laleman and broeckx (2005).

with dunya, francis laleman has established a global trademark in intercultural agility.
we facilitate generic intercultural diversity programmes and we have country-specific learning tracks on china, japan, korea, sri lanka, the arab world and india.